I was testing a web application at my workplace. I have to pass an input for the Month field. I thought of entering February, but somehow I was confused with it’s spelling. Taskbar calendar helped me here. This 10 seconds of my spell check led to a 10 minutes conversation with one of my colleague.

This time, the question was how many syllables are in ‘February’. I said 3 and he said 4. I continued further explaining him to prove that I was right. He was confused and googled it to arrive at a conclusion. Both of our answers are correct as per the search results. Here is how:

1) Feb/ru/ary – Indian version – 3 syllables

This split is based on vowels. Each split must have atleast one vowel. feb/ru/ary

2) Feb/ru/a/ry – US version – 4 syllables

This split is based on vocal sound.

Finally, before leaving for the day, it was a fun learning.



Investment in #bitcoins surpasses real estate and gold. Though several warnings from RBI against #cryptocurrency , it even turned as a substitute for money at some places in India. Why this steep increase particularly this year?

Ok, forget it, if you own some, offer me one!!

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Between 25 and 30


I am 28 now.

An evil inside me writing this post, may be his/her age also falls between 25 and 30…!!!


When you are at school, you will be surrounded with your school friends. When you are at college, obviously, your college friends will be there. You turned 21 then.

If you opt for master degree, then you are damn lucky, you might get another set of friends. You turned 23 then. If not master degree, your school friends/college friends/batch-mates at workplace will accompany you here and there with their marital status as Single. (mostly…) Lol … 😊

After 30, your wife/husband, kids and life like this will go on.


But, what happens in life between 25 and 30 …???

  • Once, I called my friend for attending one of our mutual friend’s wedding, ‘hey buddy, my daughter ear piercing ceremony is there, so, I can’t come da’, he said. ‘Do this to yourself man, not to your daughter’, I thought and disconnected the call.
  • Hey, dude, coming for movie tonight? shall I book the tickets?’ I said to another friend and expecting a nod from him. ‘No man, I am going with my girlfriend and it’s our first movie date, so I can’t make it!’, he said. I curse that the movie should be worse than all the others released on the same day.


So, this is how all our school/college friends will get married one by one, or at the least case, they might have girlfriend/boyfriend. So, we cannot expect any of their presence all the time during these age period. ☹


If you are at good at flirting, then you are not the guy what I meant.

If you look like a chocolate boy, then this post may annoy you.


What will be the solution for all this non-sense?

  • Better get married at 25?
  • Find a suitable partner at school/college itself?
  • Any other…………………???




In the wake of Smart City


Commuters, have a glance

   may be its a last chance;


tomorrow, no more I am

   and, you may not claim;


enjoy the widened ride

   no more green on your side..!


Trees were uprooted on the roadside where i used to commute everyday to my office, by The Govt. to extend the width of roads. Planted several decades ago by the same Govt. and now those are killed in the wake of Smart City project. Very sad to see them and thought to share this here.


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Nurtured Child Never Prosper – Part 1

Many years ago, there was a Saint named Mokshathanandha lived in the Koorjara village. He belongs to Parivarjaha Paramahamsa generation. As per its principles, he will not stay in one place for longer time. Though, he physically revolves around the world, his pure heart always remains with God’s residence. So, the place where he was residing and the people he met, will not be stored in his memory. Wherever he goes, he used to treat the world with his blessings, without knowing him. Whoever approaches him, he used to preach them wisdom, faith and purity. He may speak or may not speak, it all depends upon the honesty of the person who approaches him.

Despite of his such behavior, once a young guy who is intelligent and detached from the world by his thoughts, got a chance to meet Mokshathanandha. Like a pin attracted by magnet, he was attracted by that Saint. Without knowing him, his mind was fully occupied by that Saint. He started, “Dear Saint, influence me and bless by feeding soul wisdom”. The Saint deeply looks the young guy, his grace makes the young guy happy. “You should know about you, in the matter of spirituality, will a nurtured child prosper?” Saint questioned him. The intelligent guy was not sure about the answer. From then, he started following the Saint without any second thought. Many days passed. Saint’s preaching’s helps the young guy a lot to attain the wisdom. So, he gets matured fast enough day by day.


One night, the Saint and the young guy are staying in a Tavern. Silence occupied everywhere. The entire world was at rest, it’s time for yogi’s and thieves to do their respective profession. Mokshathanandha usually will sleep less. His follower young guy also stayed awake. Within few minutes, from a residence in the neighborhood, there was a conversation started between a thief and his son.

Son: – Daddy, I reached certain age. But, you still didn’t teach me about theft which is our native profession.

Dad: – If you have interest, you will learn by yourself.

Son: – In our opposite house, you know how Raman’s mother teaching Raman about their native profession.

Dad: – After Raman’s birth, his father passed away, his mother became a widow. She will make her son bad with her infinite affection towards him. Apart, nurtured child never prospers.

All these conversations are deeply registered in young guy’s mind. Earlier, the Saint taught him the same for worthy cause. But, now the same works for bad cause too!

Hence, Son wanted to do theft at least once along with his dad. As per his son’s wish, the thief has agreed to take him the same day for theft and even promised him that he will teach the profession by the same day itself. Now, the young guy was curious to know what was going to happen next, by seeing Mokshathanandha. Saint also permits him to follow the thief and his son.

  • To be continued


Note: This story was taken from the Tamil book ‘Deva Ragasiyam’ written by Sri Swami Sithpavanandhar. Now, I just translated this in English. This is my first try. Please forgive the flaws.